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StrongWall is your retaining wall specialist. We build new walls from pre-cast concrete block, cast concrete walls and stairs in place, or repair existing walls.

StrongWall over 30 years experience building shoreline walls on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and many creeks, as well as building inland residential and commercial retaining walls.

We understand the fundamentals of creating long lasting walls and work closely with engineers when walls or homeowners require them.


Lake front retaining walls � StrongWall will build your seawall as specified by your engineer. If you have not yet had drawings made or applied for a permit with the conservation authority give us a call and we would be happy to provide consultation, refer you to an engineer and share some of our knowledge about things to consider prior to design stage.

Inland retaining walls � StrongWall builds many custom residential and commercial retaining walls. These walls generally do not require any permits or engineered drawings. Though for walls over 8 ft in height it is recommended to get an engineered drawing.

Cast in place concrete � StrongWall can custom form any wall, set of stairs, or walkway.

Containment Bins � Our precast blocks go together easily to make wonderful containment bins. We make these bins to hold materials like sand, stone, salt, mulch, etc.

SERVICES: Lake Front Walls Inland Retaining Walls Cast in Place Concrete Containment Areas
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