Inland retaining walls

The majority of residential work is due to failing retaining walls. The major causes of inland wall failures are: rotting railway ties, decomposition of concrete blocks made from left over concrete and poor drainage.

All wooden retaining walls will eventually rot, especially when buried in soil and constantly moist.

Concrete blocks made from left over concrete will also decompose. Concrete blocks made from surplus concrete are often poured with a very large slump, very weak mix, poured in multiple sections, and may not contain air entrainment creating a very weak product. StrongWall manufactures our own retaining wall blocks made from first line concrete.

Drainage is key component to the success of any retaining wall. Without proper drainage frozen water will put outward pressure on the wall causing early failure. Trees absorb lots of water especially large trees. These trees act like sump pumps keeping water away from the wall. Once these trees are removed, if the drainage was not done properly, the wall will begin to fail.

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