Our Company

StrongWall has been manufactured retaining wall products for residential builders, commercial developers, and homeowners for 14 years. StrongWall is a family business that was established in 2000 and specialized in shoreline retaining walls. In 2007, we began manufacturing retaining wall products. In recent years we have shifted our focus to the manufacturing and supply side of the business.

We take pride in providing superior quality retaining wall blocks for big and small projects in Ontario. We are known for our no-hassle service, fair estimates, and having a large inventory on hand. We are efficient in our turn-around times and are happy to consult with customers on their designs.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you. You can see our products on-site at?274 Lake Avenue North, Hamilton ON.

Products we offer:

Residential Developers

Quick Turnaround
StrongWall manufactures over 165 blocks per week. If your order is larger than what we have in stock we will dedicate our production to your project until completion.


Commercial Developers

Large Inventory
StrongWall strives to keep inventory levels full so retaining wall blocks are ready to go when you need them!


Home Owners

Competitive Pricing
Buying directly from StrongWall means you get wholesale prices. StrongWall offers very competitive prices in comparison to other retaining wall distributors. See our price list.

Cottage Owners

High-Quality Blocks

StrongWall NEVER uses leftover concrete for our production. We guarantee 25 MPa and 4-7% air-entrained blocks. All blocks are poured in one monolithic pour.

StrongWall blocks use a knob and channel interlocking system that interlock to provide strong, durable, high-caliber retaining walls that also look natural and appealing.

Our blocks have a great aesthetic, be it our “Armour Block” with a finish that mimics natural Armour Stone or our “Commercial Block” with a smooth steel trowel finish with a chamfered edge.


Do you require design assistance?

Would you like to see our blocks in person?

Come and visit us on-site to see our inventory. We can provide consultation on existing plans and can refer you to an engineer if you need further assistance.